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Peel Remover

Peel remover with horizontal rollers supported by two chains.

Peel Remover scheme

The machinery has a stainless-steel waste discharge hopper and a stainless-steel tubular structure; it is equipped with a plastic chain guide with a special “C” profile that guides and supports the chain.

On the lower part of the roller surface there is a stainless-steel ramp where the waste is collected; a series of lifters, mounted with an accurate pitch between the rollers, convey the peel to the front of the machinery where a transverse stainless-steel screw pump is mounted.

This screw pump laterally removes the waste.

On the return of the catenary instead, a stainless-steel ramp is mounted to collect the washing water from the rollers and the impurities coming from the brush.

The peel remover washing will be done with a perforated pipe placed on the return of the roller line, equipped with a ball faucet for the washing water supply.

The machinery is equipped with 1 (2) rotating brush mounted on the lower part of the catenary, at the end of the return line.