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Diced tomato product line

  • Flighted incline conveyor INTRALOX, with a stainless-steel tubular structure, to carry peeled tomato to the next dicing machinery. The conveyor is activated by an independent gearmotor with Inverter.
  • Dicing machinery GB-X297

Product cut is done with a three cutting units series, placed in parallel and activated by the only electric motor commanded by the INVERTER on the electric panel.

The product is introduced, through a conical hopper, into a rotating drum equipped with wings to push towards the first cut blade.

The passage section, manually adjustable from outside, determines the size slice of the product (the first size of the cube) which advances, thanks to the speed acquired with the drum rotation, towards the second cutting unit.

The second cutting unit, also powered by the same motor thanks to the belt transmission, consists of a rotating axle with a series of circular knives, appropriately distanced.

By changing the size of these internal spacers, it is possible to change the size of the slat (the second size of the cube).

Finally, the slatted product obtained is pushed inside the third and last cutting unit, consisting of a rotating drum powered by the same belt, and equipped with appropriately distanced longitudinal blades, to obtain the finished cube.

The machinery can be made with cuts from 6 to 21 mm.

Any intermediate measurement can be made on customer request.

  • Roll Feeder to separate the seeds and the juice from the cube coming from the dicing machinery. A specific rotation system makes the diced tomato advance in small leaps in order to obtain the separation of the seeds and juice and, subsequently, a uniform distribution.

The stainless-steel rollers are milled in hexagonal to permit an up-to-3 mm variable interaxle spacing.

  • Waste recovery tank with a stainless-steel centrifugal pump
  • Upper structure for the dicing machine and the roll feeder, made of tubular stainless steel, with height-adjustable feet and access ladder.