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Rotating pasteuriser series GB-X

Model GB-X263 GB-X268 GB-X270

The machinery is made of six overlapping levels with horizontal lines, of which the upper four are for pasteurisation, while the two lower ones are used for cooling process.

The upper part of the machinery and the sides are closed with AISI 304 stainless-steel removable covers.

The steam distribution inside the machinery is carried out through a network of perforated tubes placed in such a way as to ensure a homogeneous distribution of the steam inside the pasteurisation chamber.

The can rotation direction is alternated for each level, to optimise the penetration of heat inside the can and to take full advantage of the can-outside environment heat exchange surface.

The rotation speed of the can does not depend on the advancement speed of the cans inside the pasteuriser. This allows for a very delicate product treatment inside the metal container and, at the same time, a drastic reduction in terms of pasteurisation times.

The lower level, for the cooling process, is covered with a pipe stainless-steel network to distribute the water that is conveyed on the cans by atomizing nozzles, avoiding the danger of dead zones.

The machinery is equipped with two separate tanks for the accumulation of mains water (first passage 6th level) and recirculated water (second passage 5th level).

The cans supply and unload is ensured through one / two overlapping V-belt conveyor, each activated by a gearmotor with Inverter.

The tension of the main chains is carried out automatically by 6 hydraulic cylinders, activated by a control unit that ensures the necessary pressure.

However, there are manual tensioners that can be used in the event of a control unit malfunction.

The pasteuriser is equipped with three separate automatic lubrication systems: one for the roller rotation chains, another for the main chain on the right side, and the other for the main chain on the left side.

All the adjustment and control tools of the machine are installed on a specific stainless-steel electrical panel, which also includes all the safety and alarm devices for the correct system operation.

On the touchscreen panel it is also possible to change all the machinery operating parameters (stopping time, can rotation speed, lubrication setup, belt speed, etc.) and store them in customizable setups, easily accessible (with password) in the case of standardised products and for which various combinations have been previously experimented.

The pasteuriser is also equipped with a series of safety devices that cause an immediate STOP, such as:


  • 12 correct position checks of the cans on the 6 levels of the machine;
  • 5 correct position checks of the cans at the entrance of the passages from one level to another;
  • low compressed air pressure alarm;
  • low temperature alarm;
  • thermal trip alarms of all the motors of the machinery;
  • stuck exit cans alarm;
  • chain control unit low pressure alarm;
  • lack of chain lubricant alarm;
  • 4 external transmission chain breakage alarms;
  • 6 main chain breakage alarms;