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Tomato Diced Line

The diced line consist of:

Roll Feeder operating principle
  • INTRALOX bucket elevator, to feed the peeled tomatoes into the following dicer machine.
    The elevator is equipped by a electric speed reducer with INVERTER.
  • Dicer Machine our Mod. GB-X297
    The product is introduced in the feeding section and the centrifugal action of the shovels of the endorser forces the same product to move toward the outskirts of the endorser where the first cut is performed.
    The second cut is performed then with a series of longitudinal knives transversally prepared, getting so pieces in fillets.
    The third cut, is effected finally with rotating circular knives, getting so the product ended in dice.
    The machine can be equipped with knifes to have a needed diced size, from 6 mm to 21 mm.
    Any intermediate sizes can be realized on customer's request.
  • Roll Feeder for seeds and juice, to separate the diced tomato (or fruit) from the seeds and juice.
    An appropriate rotating rolls system move forward the product to obtain the separation of the seeds and the juice (see the picture).
    The rolls are milled hexagonally with an adjustable wheelbase even 3 mm.
  • Recovery tank for peel and juice with stainless steel centrifugal pump
  • Elevated Frames for dicer and roll feeder, constructed of tubular stainless steel, with height adjustable feet, aluminum flooring, handrails in tubular stainless steel.

Technical datasheet of Tomato Diced Line