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Pinch Beds for peel removal with horizontal rollers on 2 chains.

Pinch Beds for Peel Removal schematic

The pinch beds include a waste recovery hopper in stainless steel plate and tubular structure.

The machine is equipped with a waste discharge recovery system underneath the rollers, made of a stainless steel slide on which is collected the recovered juice and peel, a series of scrapers mounted at certain distances between the rollers carries the peel toward the front of the pinch bed, where there is a transverse-mounted stainless steel auger. The function of the auger is to move sideways and away the removed peel and tomato juice.

On the roller return (underneath the frame) is mounted a stainless steel slide for the recovery of the wash water from the rollers and tomato impurities from the wash brushes.

The machine is equipped with guide-chains in plastic material, with a special C-profile which guides and supports the chain.

The machine is equipped with two (2) rotary brushes, mounted on the underside of the pinch bed.

The sides of the Pinch Beds are safely enclosed by stainless steel screens with vertical slit opening, to also allow visual monitoring of the conditions of the rollers underneath the surface.

Technical datasheet of Pinch Beds for Peel Removal