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Continous Atmospheric Cooker-Cooler

mod. GB-X263 GB-X268 GB-X270

The machine is composed of six overlapping sections with horizontal ways. The four upper sections is used to cooker section while the two inferiors five are for the cooling process.

The upper section of the machine and his lateral sides are closed with a stainless steel caps completely removing.

The steam distribution in the machine is realized by a drilled pipe to assure an equal distribution of the steam into the cooker section.

The can’s rotation is alternate in every section to obtain the best heat distribution into the cans and to exploit at the best the surface of thermic exchange between the cans and the external surrounding.

The rotation speed is indipendent of the feed speed. This allows to have a very soft working procedure of product and, at the same time, a drastic reduction of treatment times.

The cooling sector is covered by a stainless steel piping to water distribution. The water is pumped on the cans throught some nebulizer nozzles that divide it giving a continous exposition to cooling, avoiding the danger of died zones.

The machine have 2 separate tanks for the net water storage (first step 6° floor) and for the recycled water (second step 5° floor). The cans feeding and descarge is realized by one/two belt conveyor with speed reducer unit with inverter.

The main chain tension is made automatically by four hydraulic cylinder helped by an hydraulic pump to assure the right pressure.

The cooker have also 3 independent AUT lubrication systems: one for the rolls rotation chains, one for the main chain right side and other one for the left side.

All the instruments are installed on the main electric control panel that include also all the safety systems for the right machine running. From the touch screen is possible to set up all the running parameters (residence times, rotation speeds, lubrication setup, belt speeds, etc) and save these in personal files (under password).

The cooker-cooler have also multiple safety controls, so:

  • n.12 check of correct can position on the six section
  • n.5 check for a no-correct can passing throught the four section
  • alarm for low compressed air
  • alarm of low temperature in cooking section
  • thermic release alarms of all the electric motors
  • alarm for the discarge belt
  • alarm for low pressure automatic chain tensioning system
  • alarm for lubrication
  • n.4 alarms transmission chain breaking
  • n.6 alarms main chain breaking
Continous Atmospheric Cooker-Cooler GB-X series Continous Atmospheric Cooker-Cooler GB-X series Continous Atmospheric Cooker-Cooler GB-X series

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